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Livonia is located at the northwest end of Wayne County in Michigan. It’s a large suburb with traditional American neighborhoods built in the 1950s and 1960s. The municipality is part of Metro Detroit with a population of 96,942, making it as the 9th largest municipality in Michigan.

Whether briefly stopping to stretch your legs after a long drive or taking in all of Michigan, here is a list of attractions to visit in Livonia.


Motor City Comic Con

Every year, children of all ages and young at hearts anticipate Motor City Comic Con in this part of the country. It’s a three-day event usually held in May at the Suburban Collection Showplace. People love to go here because of the wide array of vendors. Pop Funkos is a real thing here, from The Walking Dead, Alice in Wonderland to the ever popular Game of Thrones. Get the inner nerd out of you finding rare comics books in a sea of hundreds.


Firearms Exchange

Want to master your shooting skills? Head on to Firearms Exchange and let them show you how it’s done- properly and safely. Safety is their top priority as they will assists you in almost everything that you need, even if you are a pro. Most people recommend the place because of their professionalism and politeness. They even have a gun cleaning room loaded with free supplies. Their prices are relatively fair for their service and well worth checking out if you’re spending time in Livonia or have time to head there from Detroit.


Brightly Twisted

For a more artistic destination that everyone will love, try to get your hands dirty in a good way. Brightly Twisted offers dye sessions on their locally made scarf. Tie-dye was a popular fashion back in the 1990s. It now evolved into a modern work of art and some even made it in mass production like Brightly Twisted. It’s a perfect souvenir for the trip. In every scarf you dye, you are making a personalized memento to take home with you.


Roush Automotive Collection

Marvel in some of the most interesting cars built by man. The Roush Automotive Collection featured an all all-electric car from the 1900s. They also have a brand new Ford GT from the actual NASCAR race cars.  You can walk around the vicinity and take as many pictures as you like. Another helpful thing about the museum is they have signage with a brief description of every car. Smaller kids can learn a thing or two about automobiles while you can admire them as a great piece work of art.


Visit Farmer’s Markets

A trip to another place is not complete without loading your car with fresh produce from one of their farmer’s markets. It is a great way to enjoy local products while learning the authentic culture of a town. Farmer’s markets always offer great multicultural cuisines and the best delicacies you’ll find in the area. You can chat about how they grow their own products or how they started selling their amazing dishes, the possibilities are endless. Some of the best known in and around Livonia are Farmington Farmers & Artisans Market, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market – Farmington, Northwest Detroit Farmers’ Market, and City of Wayne Farmers Market.


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