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Top Events In Cherry Festival 2016 in Traverse City


The annual National Cherry Festival  in Traverse City, Michigan, attracts as much as 500,000 people. They all come to enjoy all things cherry with more than 150 different events that take place on the beautiful sands of the Grand Traverse Bay on the shores of Lake Michigan. Traverse City is one of America’s top destinations with diverse attractions, so attending this year’s National Cherry Festival starting on July 2nd to 9th offers the best opportunity to treat anyone to great fun, entertainment, adventure as well as relaxation. This festival isn’t recognized as one of the top 10 festivals in the USA for nothing.




Classic car shows are the real deal for the car fanatics



The old town classic car show will attract a wide range of collector vehicles. You will be able to view vintage cars, trucks, motorcycles and even tractors. Probably what you shouldn’t miss if you are a real classic car enthusiast is the cruise night that will be taking place on Friday July 1st. Before 5 pm you would rather be at the Turtle Creek Casino where this cruise will be starting.


Watch the US Navy Blue Angels adrenaline rush air show

Past National Cherry Festival Air Show https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a9/National_Cherry_Festival_Airshow_150704-F-TT327-140.jpg

Past National Cherry Festival Air Show

On the first day of the festival, there couldn’t be a better way to begin the excitements than watching the US Navy Blue Angels maneuvering over Grand Traverse Bay. While on the shores you will still be able to tune in live to listen to WTCM AM 580 commentators for updates of this air show on every minute.


Indulge in a cherry pie eating contest

No cherry festival in Traverse City is complete without a pie eating competition. How fast can you eat a cherry pie? Well, put your appetite to the test by engaging in a cherry pie eating competition. All you need is much enthusiasm and endurance in eating cherry pies in the shortest time given and beat your competitors. The first person to finish eating the pie within the allocated time wins the game. Contestants will be informed about other rules to abide by the game.


Get in action at the beach with a volleyball tournament

Beach volleyball is one of the activities set to take place at the National Cherry Festival. Get competitive and engage in a volleyball game in one of Traverse City’s sandy beaches. You can as well choose to cheer any of the participating teams if you will not be playing and learn some tips to score for the next game you will be participating in.  


Big wheel races – go kids!


One of the fun activities for the young at the annual 2016 Cherry Festival is big wheel racing for kids. Kids from age 3 to 6 can enjoy days of fun and competition on big wheel races. Equipment will be provided and no fees will be charged. You can bring young fans to cheer on their colleagues even if they will not be participating in the competitive race. There will be a variety of other activities to keep the young occupied as you interact with other attendants of the festival.


Cherry pit spitting – can you beat the world record?


In the National Cherry Festival, cherry pit spitting is one of the events that will take place. See if you can beat the record distance of cherry pit spitting in the Guinness Book of Records which is currently at is 95 feet and 6.5 inches (29.12 m). You can join this amateur game and try to spit the seed as far as you can to win a trophy. Cherry spitters over 18 years of age will be welcome to participate in the sport. No fee is required to participate in the sport. You only need to have your name registered if you want to participate.


Discover the golfers’ paradise in Traverse City


The presence of championship golf courses in this part of Northern Michigan will make every golfer proud to be part of the cherry festival. Make sure to check out the million dollar hole-in-one contests even as you continue sampling various cherry recipes.


Get ready for the fireworks display as you wind up your day’s events


In the evening after having enjoying the countless events on the Grand Traverse Bay, nothing would be more fun than watching the National Cherry Festival fireworks displays. These are always out of the ordinary and kids love them as much as the adults. The fireworks have been taking place for many years and they only keep getting a notch higher every festival. The grand finale of the amazing fireworks will be on 9th July and is guaranteed to give you the best memories of the entire festival. Of course if you are fortunate enough to have a friend, or your own place on Long Lake, well then there are some private fireworks worth catching.


Traverse City is home to beautiful shorelines and wineries. Take time after the festival and enjoy a day of relaxation in some of the natural attractions like beaches or get involved in fun activities like golfing or climbing the famous Sleeping Bear Dunes with spectacular views from the peak.

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