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The state of Colorado has 21 winter skiing resorts. Choosing the top 3 from the 21 world-class resorts is difficult. All of them have amazing views and have their own special characteristics that can’t be found in other resorts. Just for 2015-2016 season alone, ski resorts in Colorado had 13 million visitors. Obviously, this is a sizable amount. Statistics for the demographic who primarily ski shows a .5% increase. It is said that there are 53.9 million skiers in the United States, and visitors to Colorado account for the lion’s share of the country’s skiing tourists.

The numbers show just how dominant Colorado is in the skiing tourism industry. What is also interesting to note is that one resort alone takes 5.6 million visitors of the 13 million reported tourists. Here you can read about three world-class mountain skiing resorts in Colorado that you should visit.

1. Vail Ski Resort

Vail Ski Resort is the most popular and most visited company on this list. The parent company has four resorts that are among the top destinations in the country, but we will be talking specifically about their main resort, which is the Vail Ski resort.

This location gets around 370 inches of snow each year so you can be assured of the quality snow to ski on. The lift that you use is also absolutely amazing, which offers 4 miles of breathtaking views. You will not miss this resort as it has all of the amenities you would ever need and is confined in an urban setting. In this resort, convenience and beauty is paramount.

This resort has more than 5,200 acres that you can play and frolic around. It also has a lot of quality restaurants for you to enjoy. For instance, you can go to the Mountain Standard if you want to taste local cuisine, to Sweet Basil for fine dining, or to any other restaurant in the area.

Being one of the most popular resorts has its advantages. The lodgings are impeccable and the staff are friendly and competent. The downside of this resort is that due to the number of visitors, parking can occasionally be problematic.

2. Aspen Snowmass

This is considered to be one of the best skiing resorts in the country. The goal of this resort is to give family a wonderful skiing experience. If you are planning a family vacation in Colorado, this is one of the better choices. It has world class facilities. That is to be expected since a lot of the rich and famous come and visit this resort.

It has a lot of skiing runs available to the tourist no matter the skill level. It also has a lot of activities that cater to kids. The view is immensely amazing and it has 3 terrain parks that are incredibly fun to play in. It has a number  of world-class restaurants as well. You can choose to dine in the restaurants in the town or to it out overlooking a panoramic view from a mountain top restaurant.  The Sun Deck restaurant is known for its amazing food and equally breathtaking view of the mountain ranges.

On the other hand, this resort can be both pricey and a bit crowded. This is to be expected since this resort has one of the best schools in America as well as world-class restaurants and convenient facilities. There is a very big chance that you will meet celebrities in this resort as well. The staff is made up of amazing people not only professionally but also personality-wise. This resort has definitely earned its stellar reputation.

3. Arapahoe Basin

On the other end of the spectrum, this resort offers possibly the best skiing experience you will find. Locals and professional skiers alike call this resort the legend. The reason why is because the skiing trails and runs are perhaps the longest and most difficult slides and slopes that are offered in the country today. It has 960 acres that you can play around, but take note that of the 109 trails that it offers, less than 10% or around 19 of those trails are for beginners.

This mountain skiing resort is located 68 miles from Denver, but the great thing about it is that it has its own local culture that really stands out. The staff are immensely competent but that is to be expected if the resort that you are working on is considered to be one of the more difficult hardcore skiing and snowboarding destinations in the country.  

Another great thing about this resort is that overcrowding will never be an issue. The operating company of this resort is more laid back compared to other skiing destinations. Those two characteristics bring together culture of friendly competitiveness and a real appreciation for skiing and snowboarding. It has a vintage appearance which gives it the untouched classic ambience.  The mountains and the view are also great, but this is really for those who prioritize skiing over having a 5-star classy dining experience on top of a mountain.

The downside of this kind of setup is that there are not a lot of commercial facilities in the area. This may mean vacation that is less convenient for you and your family. Due to the nature of the terrain and difficulty level, you will also encounter a number of competitive people at the resort. 960 acres may seem small but you should not underestimate the difficulty of the slope. There is a reason why most of the skiers here are off the expert level. If you are looking for a great adrenaline rush, then this ski resort will give it to you in spades. It is truly an experience to ski in the legend.

With those three best skiing resorts available, choosing which ski resort to go to might be a little more challenging than you thought it was going to be.

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