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Throw an Epic Final 4 Party for Michigan Guests. When it’s Final 4 time rolls around, it’s party time for family, friends and fellow workers. To throw an epic Final 4 Party, features of the event include:
. A large screen TV
. Comfortable furniture
. A cooler in the recreation/viewing area
. A convenient bathroom radio synchronized with the game on TV
. A handy dorm sized refrigerator near the sofa
. A bracket app for smartphones

Most Important Party Feature: Food, Food, Food

The most important party feature is, of course, food and snacks. Some hosts like to start with pre-game snacks that are not too filling and leave rooms for the big game menu.

For this, instead of the usual chips, pretzels and cocktail nuts, offer a tray of crackers with an array of spreads. For example, everyone loves tuna salad. Make a tuna salad spread for Melba toast rounds spread with cream cheese and topped with the tuna salad and a sliver of pimento.

Epic Final 4 Party

Another snack treat that is simple to make uses English muffins, sliced in half, spread with butter and mayo and topped with a slice of American cheese and a dab of catsup. Broil until cheese melts and cut muffin halves into fours and serve as mini pizzas.

For air fryer users, purchase ready-made biscuit dough, roll into thin, 1/8″ flat rounds, spread with prepared chili, roll up tightly, brush with olive oil and air fry till slightly browned (about 5 to 8 minutes).

The Final 4 Party Menu Michigan Guests Love

A well thought out Final 4 party menu should include meat, seafood, poultry, and veggies. For instance, guests love chicken wings prepared with hot sauce and bleu cheese dip.

Chicken wings can also be prepared Italian style by baking them in prepared tomato sauce or for an Oriental flavor, marinate wings in teriyaki sauce for a half hour and bake.

When meat is on a Final 4 Party menu in Michigan, guests want something they can grab and enjoy.

Add several types of meat sliders to the menu such as:
. Not So Sloppy Sloppy Joe sliders made with shredded beef in a barbecue sauce
. Reuben sliders made from corned beef, a half slice of Swiss cheese, half a teaspoon of kraut and a dab of Thousand Island dressing
. Grilled cheeseburger sliders with tomato and onion

Serve cocktail frank kebabs. Dredge franks in cheese dip, wrap in bacon, place several on skewers and broil.

These can also be wrapped in biscuit dough and baked.

Instead of veggie crudites, serve your guests a fun treat. Prepare vegetable-herb stuffing from boxed stuffing mix. Drain a can of asparagus and dice. Add to the stuffing mix. Place in a muffin tin lined with muffin tin liners. Bake until mixture is slightly brown on top.

Clever people save the drained asparagus liquid to add to the stuffing mix with the usual amount of water or milk for extra veggie flavor.

To make a really big impression with seafood, slice hot dog rolls half. Mix together a can of mushroom soup and shredded crab or lobster meat. Blend mushroom soup with crab or lobster meat. Add a dash of hot sauce, garlic powder and a scant amount of fresh dill finely chopped.

Heat the soup/seafood, spread the hot dog roll halves with butter and mayo and fill each half roll with the mixture to make mini seafood rolls.

Epic Final 4 Party

What’s a Final 4 Party Without Beverages?

If the party is a mixed crowd of adults and underage children, offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

In most cases, the guys will prefer beer and the ladies will want one of those new flavored hard ciders or wine spritzers.

Keep restless kids busy making their very first “egg creams” with a little chocolate, vanilla and strawberry syrup, light cream and bottled cola or seltzer.

For the Michigan Final 4 Party, the Final Finish: Desserts

Even when the game has guests glued to a TV screen and most of the food on the menu is eaten, some like something for their sweet tooth. So hosts can enjoy the game as much as guests, make desserts simple and easy to prepare.

For example, make mini cheesecakes from prepared mixes and pour into cupcake pans. Make cupcakes from box mixes using food coloring in team colors for batter and icing.

For fruit lovers, serve apple slices dredged in cinnamon sugar and raisins and roasted pecans in cupcake liners. Brush pineapple, mango and orange slices with dark corn syrup and broil on skewers.