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Football season is upon us and what goes better with a game than a nice juicy burger hot off the grill? However, winter strikes early in many parts of NA. Michigan specifically gets hit with bitterly cold temperatures and hostile winds.

I once had the privilege to work in a dog park with large screen televisions outside next to barbecue gas grills. If you don’t have access to such a setup, outdoor grilling is really going to hinder your ability to enjoy football games on TV. Exercising your culinary talents inside eliminates many interruptions of NFL action. You will not have to bundle up to brave harsh elements; you will not have to traipse in and out with utensils, plates, and food.

griddle and grill

What are the Advantages of Indoor Grilling?

*It is easier to clean after indoor grilling. Indoor setups do not involve charcoal so the ash build-up is minimal. Whether using a stovetop arrangement or a stand-alone indoor grill, cleaning the apparatus is easy. It simply involves the use of hot water and soap. Many indoor grills feature removable grill plates that you can easily soak.

*The atmosphere in your house is climate controlled, and luxuries and amenities are close at hand.

*Indoors setups have easier heat controls. If you are grilling indoors, you can heat up everything with a few bumps of a knob or dial. Anyone who has worked a charcoal grill knows that heating food can require some artful maneuvers and a ton of patience.

*It’s much simpler to grill sandwiches on an indoor grill than an outdoor one. In fact, there are grills made specifically for this purpose.

*Indoor grills allow you to be more versatile with your recipes.

Indoor cooking also allows you to bring much more than grilling to your football game munchies. Nachos, chip dips, and cheese poppers are prime foods for the oven or stove. Many appetizers perform best in a slow cooker. Slow-cooker meals allow you to enjoy indoor activities largely uninterrupted.

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Options for Indoor Cooking

*Electric grills offer uniform heating. If you are adamant about cooking outdoors, they are convenient for patios or anywhere with access to an electrical outlet.

*Ovens afford tremendous versatility. An oven allows you to cook thicker cuts of meat than a grill would. Hams and other roasts do well in the oven and can cook unattended. An oven is also indispensable for casserole dishes such as macaroni and cheese. Moreover, nothing beats an oven for spreading warmth throughout the home.

*A cast-iron grill pan likely approaches closer to the taste and authenticity of an outdoor grilling than any other equipment. Simply follow the instructions for pre-seasoning your grill pan and you are ready to turn out succulent hot dogs or chicken. There are even ridges on the grill pan to create natural grill marks on the food.

*A griddle is similar to a grill pan and can be an electric appliance or a separate flat piece of metal that is heated atop a burner. Some griddles are fixed to the range. Regardless of style, griddles are ideal for cooking steaks or sandwiches indoors. Electric griddles free up your burners for other cooking purposes and also have traps for drippings.

*Slow cookers reign supreme for cooking certain sauces or meals popular during football season. You certainly do not want to cook chili or lobster dip outdoors on the grill.

*Panini grills are extremely specialized but allow you to serve perfect sandwiches. Turkey and cheese melts will turn your football party into a scene out of a sports grill.

*Indoor meat smokers give you the rich taste of wood smoke without having to venture out into inclement weather.

Precautions for indoor cooking

Natural ventilation found with outdoor grilling is not a feature of indoor cooking. Grilling indoors can lead to excess smoke if you use too much oil or butter. It is a good idea to use an open electric grill near a window. Use minimal basting sauces and oils. In the case of the pan grill, oil the food and not the cooking surface.

It is dangerous to bring outdoor grills indoors. When burning its fuel source (charcoal or propane gas), an outdoor grill releases toxic fumes that build up quickly indoors. Smoke from outdoor grills burning inside can prove fatal.

You can leave ovens and slow cookers to their own devices, but grills must be monitored much like stovetop dishes. You may not be outside flipping burgers over an open flame, yet you are still grilling. Risk of fire is much lower than when cooking on an outdoor grill, but you will not be popular with your football guests if you allow their patty melts to burn.


Does cooking outdoors during the frigid month of football season in Michigan, NA, make you feel a little queasy? Perhaps you have pondered some indoor cooking options. The dishes you can create when you have easy access to warmth and football viewing warrant serious consideration of using an indoor oven or griddle to cook for football versus an outdoor grill.