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Mackinac Island is a great destination spot to stop by when visiting Michigan. It will take multiple days to see everything that might interest you so you will need to pick an awesome hotel to stay in overnight. This guide discusses the Top 3 hotels we recommend when staying there.

The Top 3 Hotels You Need To Stay At In Mackinac Island

The Inn at StoneCliffe

This beautiful Inn is an immaculate choice for anyone visiting Mackinac for the first time. It features two buildings and a cozy lodge feel. There is even a manor experience that must be seen to be believed. Cudahy Manor has 16 rooms and we highly recommend booking one of them. The mansion is a unique backdrop that makes this INN really stand out from the rest of the competition. There is a swimming pool to relax in, and even a horse stable for anyone who loves ponies.

If you choose to explore the surrounding area, there are many bikes that you can ride. They are incredibly easy to rent by the hour or day. You can also get a map and plan a trip around the island. There are tons of landmarks and attraction to keep you busy all weekend.

The Grand Hotel

This specialty resort features breathtaking views of the Mackinac strait and comfortable rooms to relax in. Whether traveling by bicycle or horse-drawn carriage, time just seems to slow down as everyone calmy experiences life by the water. Each room is decorated by Carleton Varney, a famed interior designer with a knack for amazing visual quality. This is a great spot for anyone who wants a taste of luxury at a very reasonable price point.

You can enjoy a round of golf at the Jewel, one of the most prolific courses in Northern Michigan. You can also explore the lush gardens or catch a live concert during one of the many numerous events. There is a ton of things to do and see at the Grand.

Bicycle Inn and waterfront Collection

This bike lover’s paradise features 41 guest rooms furnished to the brim with beautiful beds and furniture. Each room has sound suppression technology that ensures you can have as much quiet time as your heart desires. The waterfront view is absolutely stunning and practically puts you into a trance as you gaze at the crystalline blue body of water expanding out around you.

If you like food, we recommend stopping by Winchester’s Restaurant & Bar for a solid meal, or Sanders Candy Shop if you are merely looking for a quick snack. Both establishments are on site and easily accessible from any of the guest rooms. You can also enjoy a discounted ferry ticket for each day you have reserved.

As you can see from the above descriptions, Mackinac Island is filled to the brim with awesome places to stay and adventures to go on. No matter where you choose to spend your nights, it is a great place to plan a vacation and experience the stunning waterfront scenery.