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What To Do In Traverse City 2016 Edition

Top Outdoor Activities To Do In Traverse City In the Summer Time

Are you touring Traverse City in summer? There is plenty to do for families and groups in the friendly outdoor weather.

Nauti-Cat – Get engaged in a luxury catamaran boat party

nauticat traverse city


If boating is one of your favorite things, you are not far from catamaran and boat fun considering the many lakes in Michigan’s great lakes region. Nauti-Cat catamaran is a 47’ catamaran that sails in West Grand Traverse Bay. This is the largest Commercial Sailing Catamaran in the Great Lakes. The catamaran has around 1300sq.ft of deck space and can accommodate up to 46 passengers. If you are touring Traverse as a group, you will definitely have enough room with your company.

From the catamaran’s deck, you will enjoy sightseeing as the Nauti-Cat sails through the crystalline waters of the Great Lakes. There is no boredom on the catamaran as visitors can enjoy an on-board bar with drinks and snacks on every cruise. There are also two restrooms on the catamaran.


Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned sailor, the catamaran will be fun for everyone. The Nauti-Cat offers cruises for wedding bridal parties, birthday parties, families and other private parties. Nauti-Cat operates 7 days in a week, 4 times per day. Each cruise takes 21/2 hours. The catamaran departs from Holiday Inn at West Bay in Traverse City. You can also get special departure locations with prior requests. Captain Shane knows how to throw a serious party, sometimes there are even live artists that come on board, like Traverse City’s Favorite Musical Son, Levi Britton.


Visit the best of Michigan’s vine yards and cellars with wine tour companies


Michigan wine tours take you through scenic wine trails in vine yards. You can opt to drive yourself or have someone drive you through the picturesque wineries that will also lead to memorable wine-tasting experiences. Here are some ideal wine excursions that you can consider whether you are with your partner or in an organized group.


Wine Tours of Traverse City Michigan


Michigan has some seriously amazing vineyards, and what a better way to see them, than through the safety and comfort of a wine tour. There are several touring companies that will tour you through the most beautiful vineyards of Michigan. The tours feature vineyard excursions, cellar and wine tasting tours plus unending fun with your colleagues. These tour operators will pick you from your hotel, beach, office or any agreed place for unforgettable wine tour experience.

Domaine Detroit Wine Festival


This tour company will offer you fun bus tours to south Michigan wineries and an overnight trip to the Traverse City area. The tours depart from Southfield.



GT Wine Tours


This tour takes you to wineries in old mission Peninsulas and Leelanau and also tours Traverse City. The company can make reservations for a tour designed for your group and even arranges meeting new friends.


Grand Traverse Adventure Company


If you have ever dreamed of visiting the Northern Michigan wine country, then Grand Traverse Adventure Company tours is the way to go. The company takes you to the best wineries in the Upper Michigan and dedicates their time in tasting new wines and vintages so as to pass the same to their clients. In addition to the wine tasting, you will also get to learn the rich history of north Michigan from the tour guides. The tour also allows its clients to combine wine excursions plus kayaking or paddle boarding.


Fruitful Vine Tours


Fruitful Vine Tours takes you through Michigan’s wine tours on a Wine O wagon or Vino Coach. The guides are very friendly too.


Traverse City Tours LLC


This wine tour will take you through all the beautiful wineries in the Grand Traverse region. You have options to book a luxury Lincoln Town car if you want a private wine tour or better yet book a 14 passenger shuttle van if you are in a group.

Experience Traverse City Pedal Pub Breweries Tour



If you want something different to cruise you through Traverse City this summer season, then consider riding in a pedal cart. The pedal cart is a 12 or 6 -seater pedal powered vehicle that mimics a large bicycle with two rows of pub-style seating. My buddies and I went on a tour (6-11-16) and it was an absolute blast. Our “drive” Andrew was a local, and super nice guy. We stopped at The Workshop, 7Monks and The Parlor before winding back at The starting location for TC Cycle Pub, The Filling Station. We will have a feature post on this amazing business coming at some point soon. The pedal cart will take you to tap rooms in downtown Traverse City, bars and various breweries. These tours are fun in summer time and will allow you to sight-see as you interact with your friends in the “moving pub”. What a fun way to tour breweries and enjoy some drinks!



Go to Moomer’s Ice Cream and see the best ice cream in America

Moomers icecreamtraversecity

Moomer’s Ice Cream is a great place to visit especially in the hot summer weather and sample out cool ice-cream varieties. This is a quaint little store from which you will be able see dairy and cows out of the window! This store is just a short drive from Traverse City downtown. Some flavors to sample out include the lemon poppy seed muffin, raspberry cheesecake, butter pecan ice cream and salted caramel flavors.


Climb the sleeping bear dunes

 Dr. Caleb Halulko of River Of Life Wellness and Chiropractic Is to Credit for this photo of he and his children.

The sleeping bear dunes always entice adults and kids alike to climb them. If you want to enjoy some hours of climbing and rolling on natural, wind-blown sand, visit the Dune Climb on north of Empire on M-109. The area has a park, a picnic area and modern restrooms. After a challenging but fun ascend on the dunes, you ease your descend by rolling down the dunes to the picnic area. Get energized by taking some refreshments in the picnic zone at the foot of the dunes and head back to the fun. Phew! What a fun way to lose the pounds. Before you roll home, enjoy a view of Lake Glen from the top and take some snaps.


Summer time in Traverse City can only be described by two words, endless fun. There is something for everyone no matter your age.

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