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Traverse City is home to some of the best wines in the world. Our grapes are grown in a way that makes them rival the best harvests in Naples, France, or Italy, and no one can match our hospitality and dedication to having fun.

That’s what makes our wine tours so highly sought after. They’re not just bus trips to taste wine; They’re experiences that will last a lifetime.

Here are the three tours in Michigan that we feel will provide the most people with a memorable experience as they travel across the beautiful Traverse City.

Wine Tour

5-Hour Traverse City Wine Tour by Magic Shuttle

This wine tour is one of our favorite ways to see Traverse City. It’s an expansive tour that takes 5 hours to complete, and it visits 5 different wineries in the area. After guests depart from the Traverse City Central High School, they’ll be taken to famous wineries such as Chateau Chantal, Bower’s Harbor, and Brys Estate Vineyard.

The tour uses a fleet of air conditioned buses to take guests to the different wineries. This provides a comfortable travel experience, and it allows larger parties to travel in the same vehicle.

We find the tour to be an affordable, well-paced, and exciting tour of our city. The price of wine tastings is not included in the tour price, but each winery only charges between $10 and $15 to sample a large selection of wines, and it’s optional to participate in the actual wine tastings or not.

Designated Driver Tour

Designated Driver is one of the more unique companies we’ll be recommending. Their business model is built around providing customers with a more private and casual tour.

Instead of getting on a bus, guests simply request a tour from Designated Driver, and a qualified tour guide will drive to their house and use the guest’s car. It’s a lot like Uber for wine tours, but the drivers are qualified guides, and guests get to stay in the comfort of their own vehicle.

The tour guide provides a few options for guests to choose from, and then they take them to the winery of their choice. The price is based on a per-hour business model, and it can often be a lot less expensive than more formal tours. We highly recommend this tour for couples or small families.

Wine Tour

Blue Lakes By The Bay

Blue Lakes by the Bay tours are suitable for large and small parties, and they handle more than just wine tours. Their claims to fame are their knowledgeable drivers and unparalleled hospitality.

We’ve never heard anything but praise for the drivers that host these tours, and each one is a Traverse City native with intimate knowledge of the city. They know all of the best wineries in the area, and they know the quickest routes to reach them.

The service uses small buses to transport as many as 24 people comfortably, but they can also accommodate small parties. They also pick guests up from their hotels, and they tour Old Mission and Leelanau Peninsula every week. Both of their wine tours are open to the public, but they can also be reserved for private parties.


Traverse City has a large number of famous wineries to visit, and these tours are our favorite ways to experience them. Each one offers a drastically different experience. So, there’s an option available for all our city’s visitors.

If you decide to come to visit the famous wineries of Traverse City, make sure you stop by Livnfresh.com to pick up some Michigan merchandise to wear on your tour.