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In this article, we will explore some of the ways to fish in Lake Erie. We can also answer some of the common questions that people have about the lake. Lake Erie is a rich place. It’s got a lot of history. But, one of the fun things people do in Lake Erie is fishing. We will discuss here some of the Do’s and Don’ts for fishing in this wonderful lake.

Note: We also have a Lake Michigan fishing guide if you’ll be angling there, too.

Let’s see what Lake Erie fishing has to offer:


Are There Asian Carp in Lake Erie?

There’s a lot of Asian carp in Lake Erie. In fact, there’s too many. There are too many Asian carps that the government is even intervening because too much of it ruins the eco-system. The Asian Carps invasion will not be healthy for the other fish in the lake. In fact, the U.S. Army Corps is intervening to address the concern. Two of the invasive fish species in Lake Erie include the big-headed carp and the silver carp. The bigheaded carp is native to China, but it is now starting to invade Lake Erie.

How Is The Walleye Fishing At Lake Erie?

One thing that can be said about the walleye fishing is that it’s slow to do in spring. There’s a lot of fish to catch in Lake Erie, but it’s not going to be easy when walleye is what you want. The daily bag limit for walleye in the Ohio region is about six fish per angler. It can also be said that the minimum size limit today for the walleye you catch is about 15 inches. That’s just the average. It could be higher or lower. In the Ohio waters, there’s also a yellow perch bag limit, and that is about 30 fish per angler.


How To Catch Walleye On Lake Erie

One of the first DOs in catching walleye in Lake Erie is to not do it in spring. It may be too cold for you to catch walleye in spring. Always remember that. It’s also necessary for you to wear protective clothing against the cold when fishing.
Do try fishing with live bait. Walleye always responds to a good live bait. A live bait also offers the right angler versatility. You should always remember to do a slip bobber rig or a tipped jig in order to better catch a walleye.

One DONT in fishing for walleye is to use a big hook. The smaller, the better will do the trick. The walleyes you can catch will also respond better to structure. Using leader lengths of about 18 to 36 inches will also help you catch the fish better.
When you’re using a Slip Bobber Rig when catching walleyes, don’t lure the fish too far. You should put the bait right in front of the walleye’s face. You can also use a piece of string to help you get the right angle. It may also help to add a small spilled shot right below the bogger to create the balance you need. Tying a hook with a size 5-6-8 using a minnow leech will always do the trick.


How To Catch Yellow Perch In Lake Erie

When you’re trying to catch a yellow perch, try to use a light jig. Do create a 5 to 5 ½ inch of jig to do this.
You also need to remember to do a basic rod and reel combination for this type of fishing. Yellow perch are tricky to catch. Doing this trick will give you better chances of catching the fish. This technique, by the way, is called a Bait and Tackle trick. It’s one of the popular ways to do open water fishing and catch yellow perch.

Don’t use a big lure when catching yellow perch. What you need a small bait that can fit the small mouths of the yellow perch. It would also help to use a live bait for these fish.
Don’t go without protective clothing. It can be too cold out there when you fish. You should try to address the weather issues before you go fishing. That’s very important.


How To Fish For Perch In Lake Erie

Perch are one of the most common fish that you can find in Canada and America. You can find them in so many spots. Because they’re relatively easy to catch,they are some of the most popular fish that anglers and families catch.

One important DO in perch fishing is to remember to do it during late summer, winter or fall. Perch are active all year, but these are the best times to catch most of them. Ice fishing for perch is also popular in winter. You can find perch in shallower water during warm weather.

Do not bother trying to catch perch at night, since they’re rarely active during these times. When the sun goes down, perchs will no longer be available to catch. They will hide. They will come out again in sunrise.
The good place to catch perch is in rocky areas and at the edge of any structure. These perch may also like to move along piles of wood and rocks. To fish for perch, you should try to look for places with underwater structure that has plenty of vegetation. Perch love to swim along these areas.
Another good tip for fishing perch in Lake Erie is by going to bait and tackle shop. Ask from the shop where you can get the perch in Lake Erie. You can also ask around where in Lake Erie in that particular season has a lot of perch.
It may also help any fisherman to use a light jig to catch perch. The best jigs to use would be around 5 to 5 ½. These are small enough for any perch to bite into. The slightest nibble of any perch would already trap them. That’s a neat trick for beginners to use.
You should not also forget about the weather when catching perch. If you find that the weather is too windy, by using a heavier jig. That way, you can get better control, you can lure in more perch, and you get more out of your time. It’s not that easy to spend a long time in the middle of the cold. It’s not a joke to fish around the lake. You will get exhausted. You will get bored. You have to make most out of your time. Doing the trick above will lessen your waiting period. The work you do above could make it faster for you to catch the best perch in no time.


Other Fishing Tips and Tricks In Lake Erie

It may also help any fisherman out there to use a necessary rod and reel combo to catch more fish. The more you do this, the higher your chances of finding a perch. It could also help you when you choose an action rod tip. This tactic will help ful get the perch through a subtle bite.
It could also help you to get many perch when you use a shorter rod. A shorter rod you use in winter will also increase your chances. The lightest line you can use for your fishing will determine your success. It may be better to start with a small lure. When you have dozens of choices, always pick the ones that are the most minor. It may also help you to pick out decoys that come in different colors. Perchs will react to varying colors of baits. In a given day, the fish you catch will almost even depend on the lure’s color.
A good thing to remember, too, to catch perches is to use crayfish meat. In fact, any live bait will do.   You can ask the experts in Lake Erie which fish is best. However, some of the more popular ones you can choose include minnows, night worms, and insect larvae.
When you want to catch perch in the more in-depth area, it may be able to help you to get a reliable boat. The deeper waters are filled with a lot of perch. You can take advantage of that in winter months by getting a good boat. It may also be easy for you to catch them if they’re not biting in the place where you set up your lure.
During warm weather,  you can get a lot of perch by just sticking to shallow shores. This is most effective during spring when perchs love to flock shallow areas. LAs mentioned before when you are looking for perch, always look for rock piles first. They usually rally there before moving to different ponds or rivers.



In this article, we found out the DOs and DONTs of fishing in Lake Erie. This article was able to assist you of the tricks to make sure you’re successful in your fishing. Fishing is only fun when it’s successful. Otherwise, it might be just a cause of worry and hassle. Make sure you don’t forget these tips the next time you go to Lake Erie, and absolutely make sure you’re protected from the sun while sipping brews with your friends with our Michigan Love Beer Hat.