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First started in 2014 to help fund student activities and financial aid programs that the University of Michigan offers, Giving Blueday has seen massive increases each year over its short run so far. In 2014, they earned $3 million and in 2015, $4 million.

This year, though, they amassed a huge $5.5 million to help students and organizations live a better life on campus. Here’s hoping their growth trends continue into 2017 and beyond.

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The University of Michigan’s Giving Blueday, a 24-hour fundraising event for student organizations, raised over $5.5 million Tuesday from about 7,000 donors. This is the largest amount the program has raised to date, surpassing last year’s donations by nearly $1.5 million.

Giving Blueday stems from the international campaign Giving Tuesday, wherein people across the globe are encouraged to donate to different charities the week after Thanksgiving. The event is meant to kick off the holiday season — a season that is marked by heightened consumer activity and purchases.

At the University, donors can give either to the University or to a specific school or student organization. Continue Reading