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With breathtaking sites at every turn, Cranbrook House and Gardens are full of history and incredible natural beauty. Located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, we at Livnfresh highly recommend you take in all this historic landmark has to offer via one of the many tours offered during the spring and fall seasons.

Additionally, you should avail yourself of any of the many special events available throughout the year. Your visit will be made extra special when you enjoy high tea during a tour of the ever-enchanting Cranbrook House.

Cranbrook House

Designed in 1908 by Albert Kahn, the Cranbrook House was the family home of the George and Ellen Booth for 40 years. It is the oldest remaining manor home in the area and reflects the style of English Arts and Crafts. The house abounds with the work of the finest craftsman and artisans of that period. You can enjoy the awe-inspiring stained and leaded glass, tiles, and tapestries.

Oak room

This room features the spectacular woodcarving craftsmanship of John Kirchmayer, evident in the hand-carved oak paneling. The beautifully crafted cartouches honor Cranbrook- and Booth-related events.


Added in 1918, the library is undoubtedly a reflection of George Booth’s love of arts and crafts. It is filled with the finest hand-woven tapestries, hand-made furniture, and hand-carved walls. It also boasts a collection of over 6,000 hand-bound books, something we at Livnfresh are truly in awe of.

Dining room

You must not miss a tour of the dining room. The stunning dining table, dinnerware, and amazing portrait will leave you breathless. Additionally, during the tour, you will be treated to a very interesting family story that may leave you wondering if any of it is true.

The Gardens

A visit to the gardens provides visitors with soothing sounds flowing from the many gorgeous fountains. Beyond the fountains, visitors will enjoy the enchanting aromas emanating from the flower gardens. Being that the property covers over 40 acres, you can enjoy an afternoon of walking as you take in a variety of gardens filled with statuaries, fountains, and plants as well as the beautiful streams and lakes. We at Livnfresh think the following gardens are among the best Cranbrook has to offer.

Herb Garden

An old-fashioned Valarium greets each visitor with a relaxing vanilla aroma. We at Livnfresh encourage you to see the statue of Ecolo, the Goddess of Earth, by Mario Korbel as it overlooks and protects the garden.

Japanese Garden

The exotic, natural beauty makes this garden one of our most favorite places to relax and unwind. All of us Livnfresh are in awe of the large variety of shrubs and trees. Some of the more notable ones include the purple Liriope, the Tree Peonies, and the amazing Japanese Maples. Interestingly, this garden is among the oldest of Japanese gardens in North America.

Sunken Garden

A favorite of new and returning visitors, the Sunken Gardens will not disappoint. The unique color combinations and patterns that weave their way through the garden result in a botanical work of art that is a magnificent sight to behold. The mixture of annuals and perennials encompassing the field-stone walls, along with the 2019 addition of over 3,000 Marigolds and SunPatiens planted within the four center rows, are an undeniable visual wonder.

Reflecting Pool Herb Garden

Offering amazing views of the Cranbrook House all the way to the Cranbrook Museum, the reflecting pool is lined with white fragrant lilies and gaillardia. The sporadically placed annuals provide flashes of orange, white, and yellow. If you visit during the late summer, you will be privy to the spectacular display of orange from the Praetoria Cannas.

Finally, you can top off your visit with a moment at the Cranbrook House and Gardens Thistle Gift Shop.