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Ann Arbor has one of the most vibrant community in Michigan and a foodie haven destination up north. From the usual best restaurants in town to the local’s very own distinct place, Ann Arbor has it all. It’s worth to drive all the way up to Ann Arbor, to the place where the former US President took a bite of Zingerman’s Reuben at Zingerman’s Delicatessen.

But the best time to roam the street of Kerrytown, in Ann Arbor is every Saturday morning and Wednesday evening when Ann Arbor Farmers Market opens. They offer fresh homemade mouthwatering pastries, fresh produce, and big chugs of freshly-squeezed apple cider during the fall season.

The Museum of Natural History is another great place to visit, as it houses a great planetarium which features stargazing shows and lots of dinosaur bones.

However, if you are looking for unique and hidden gems in Arbor, here are some of the places you can visit.

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor’s Fairy Doors

While renovating his century-old home, Jonathan B. Wright, his young daughters made an interesting discovery: tiny small doors scattered throughout their home. When opened it leads to other very small doors with tiny railings inside. This miniatures space even had windows that would let the light seep through. Several years later, Jonathan becomes a Fairyologist, giving life to these small doors popping up all over town.

Perhaps the most beautiful place to see these fairy doors is at the Ann Arbor District Library. It’s home to several fairy doors and a bookcase full of fairy tales. The library is also home to The Peaceable Kingdom, a fairy gift shop where the ‘fairies’ set up their common store. It’s filled with acorns, pennies, toys, and other sorts of ‘fairy’ things.

Broadway Cafe

Broadway Café always fascinates their customers whenever they visit: how come a café can also serve good spicy bulgogi alongside with mouthwatering cheesesteak hoagies. This little off the road destination serves America’s favorite steak sandwiches and bestselling Korean food. They have a good number of menu options for a reasonable price. They have unique pairings as their food comes along with free refreshing drinks or just plain water. You could just go here for a quick bite as they serve really fast and they also have small party meals good for 2 to 4 persons.

Ron’s Roadside BBQ

If you want to taste good size sandwiches packed with brisket, pulled chicken, pulled pork, and barbeque beef, then a visit to Ron’s Roadside BBQ will fill your cravings. They also serve tantalizing dinner entrée and best tasting side dishes like mac and cheese, baked beans, beet salad, and tater salad. This is a well-kept secret of the locals of which have a long established family business. It features a handful picnic tables in an alfresco dining, a table inside, and a rustic shack vibe. Don’t let this low-key façade fool you; they do take their food seriously. When they say, “If you’re craving some ‘cue, look no further than us. Come get your grub on”, they really mean it.  Once you had their best sellers, you will never crave for another bbq in town.

The First Bite

The First Bite is one of those few relatively new places that are worth a try. Strategically places in a prime location at Main Street in downtown, it got good vegan options for the health buffs. It has a very modest ambiance and a good place to start if you are on a non-meat diet. Their menu includes chickpea beet burger, a vegan Italian sausage, as well as turkey burgers, chicken burgers. There are dozens to choose from, with a menu that can be fully customized; this makes a perfect everyday go-to place whenever you are on the move.

Ann Arbors is literally had loads of restaurants littered all over it. Several locals may recommend different dining options, which give you an idea how vast the options are. They have a very diverse culinary community waiting to be discovered in every corner of the city. Guides and articles about Ann Arbor will just give you a few hints on what to expect with the city, but its best to experience Ann Arbor on your own gastronomical journey.

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