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The Mile High City hides a hidden gem known for its small-town vibe but with big city amenities. Downtown Colorado has marveled tourists from across the country for decades. No surprises there, lined with luscious trees that change as the season goes and filled with traditional designs topped with some modern architectural styles. Denverites have their own particular way of naming their streets; the north and south streets are named after their regional mountain ranges while the east and west are named after their rivers.

Things to do in Downtown Colorado

Roam the city from one end to another

There’s plenty to do while in Denver, particularly in its famous Downtown area.  The Pikes Peak Center is famous across the country for its shows and entertainers. One great thing about going to the place is the streets in lined with restaurants and shops. Tourists will enjoy an entire day going from one shop to another.

Shopping strips, great restaurants, parks, and museums lined the streets of Downtown Colorado. Dining options ranging from casual meal al fresco to very posh dining experience for those special occasions.  Kids will love the many varieties of local treats of ice creameries, frozen yogurt shops or candy shop. Try to visit as they celebrate one of their many festivals throughout the year, to really get to see its full glory.

Downtown Aquarium

With over 500 species of different marine animals, the Downtown Aquarium is a place not to miss in Denver. The whole uninterrupted tour usually lasts about 45 minutes to an hour to see everything inside this massive building. It’s a recommended go-to place for families with little ones. They have friendly staffs that can answer almost everything about their exhibitions. Perhaps the most anticipated show in Downtown Aquarium is their mermaid show, which had captivated hundreds of tourist who visited the site. Its child-friendly equipped with restaurants and shops for an ultimate family day out experience.

Confluence Park

Denver is known nationally to have great parks. Confluence Park ranks as one of the most visited parks in Downtown Colorado.  The placid riverside is known to have great biking and walking trails as well as a kayak run. Families can enjoy a full day of a picnic in its many benches or grassy lawns along its banks. With a huge space, the family can enjoy a different outdoor activity like Frisbee. It has an easy access from the city and ample parking space for everyone. Since Denver weather is famous, Confluence Park is the place to be whenever Mother Nature allows it.

Denver Art Museum

Another great place to visit in Downtown Colorado is their Denver Art Museum. Known to have expertly curated many artworks of time periods from different cultures, tourist will definitely find some fascinating piece of art. The building itself is a work of art on its own; it has one of the most incredible architectures known worldwide. It’s what makes Denver unique; the museum is never a bore from its exterior to its many amazing exhibits inside. Even on crowded days, the museum has plenty of space with light airy spaces with people can comfortably sit and marvel at one particular artwork to another.

Forney Museum of Transportation

If staying in Colorado for a short layover, then head directly to Forney Museum of Transportation. It’s a popular place even for locals, as they have great automobiles exhibits and shows. They have great items not seen at any other museums in the country. They have great classic cars; motorcycles, planes and every collectibles one can possibly think of. But the show doesn’t stop there; they have railcars waiting to be restored on site. Kids will surely enjoy their little train ride at the gift shop, where they can drive their own train.

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