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Because of its country charms and picturesque beauty, Marquette consistently ranks in the top 10 destinations to visits in the world. The place is perfect for young couples looking for a great adventure and family with little kids who want to spend some quality time bonding.  Marquette region has many biking and hiking trails that expand about 25 miles of different routes.

Whatever your itinerary is, done miss out Big Gus and Big Ernie whenever visiting Marquette. It’s the largest working chainsaw and firing rifle in the world. Aside from its many outdoor recreational activities, here are some of the best places to visit in Marquette region.

Moosewood Nature Center

To warm up the day, start your tour at the non-profit organization, Moosewood Nature Center. As they are dedicated to preserve and promote nature and its inhabitants, kids will surely learn a thing or two about Mother Nature. Kids love to interact with some of their turtles and with great views of the lake, its definitely a must see in Marquette. Most visitors your their tours around the animal exhibits some even book their events at this place.

Marquette Regional History Center

The Marquette Regional History Center is another one’s destination for families with good ambiance and tours. A lot of several hours to spend on this place to fully explore their different exhibits and shows. They have different rotating and permanent collections of Native American guns, clothing, and furniture that everyone in the family will love. With a wide array of collections, it will keep both parents and kids entertained for hours.

Sugarloaf Mountain

Take your loved ones in one of the most scenic hikes not far outside of Marquette. Marquette’s Sugarloaf Mountain has over 3000-foot pathways going up the mountain. Your effort will be all worth it upon reaching the top, which features a beautiful view of Lake Superior. From there, you see its scenic shorelines and evergreen lushes. Standing from 470 feet high above ground level, you’ll see the entire city from the top. Some tourists even brought their beloved pets to accompany them and to train them as well.  The easy route has more steps, perfect if you are taking your kids with you. While the difficult route is perfect if it’s snowing; you can slide on your way down.

Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum

Primarily designed for young ones ages one to thirteen, the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum offers different activities of fun for every family. This 16000 square feet museum features interactive games, galleries, and exhibits. Entice your children’s imagination through play and let them interact with animals such as turtles, lizards, and snakes. Don’t let the façade building fool you; it’s much bigger on the inside. It’s a place of fun for everyone; the place really comes alive during winter months.

Presque Isle Park

Stretching about 323 acres of pure nature, Presque Isle Park offers a great view of Lake Superior’s coastline. The park features several outdoor recreational activities, playground for little kids, hiking trails for couples, and nature observation area. With plenty of picnic tables, most families go out here for a day of fun under the sun. Most visitors would come here to enjoy a leisure walk, hike and run. From the sandy beach families can surf and swim. There’s plenty photo op all over the place. Don’t forget to visit the black rocks that are dated to thousands of years old. Many boaters would enjoy a quick stop at the park to fish and swim.

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