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If you are fed up with mosquitoes in Warren, MI, you should be happy to hear that Mayor Jim Fouts is “declaring war” on the pests. Actually, it seems more like the target is people who live in Warren since the city is going to be warning and fining people for having standing water on their property. Not necessarily so great for residents, but it will certainly make the city better to visit and do things in.


If that doesn’t feel like it’s a fast enough solution, you could always wear a comfy long-sleeved Michigan shirt for an extra layer of protection.


WARREN. Mich. – Warren Mayor Jim Fouts is declaring war on mosquitoes after the West Nile Virus was discovered within the city.
Fouts is directing city crews to drop insecticide briquettes into Warren’s 17,500 street basins. City inspectors, police and firefighters also will look for standing water where mosquitoes breed.
Macomb County health officials on Wednesday announced a positive test in Warren mosquitoes. Separately, donated blood tested positive for West Nile in Oakland County. Continue Reading