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Officially called the Charter Township of West Bloomfield it’s often referred to as the “Lake Township of Oakland County” because of small and medium-sized lakes. The township itself is located within the Detroit Metropolitan area and has a total land area of 31.2 square miles (81 km2), of which 27.3 square miles (71 km2) is land and 3.9 square miles (10 km2), or 12.49%, is water according to the United States Census Bureau.

West Bloomfield

Beautiful lakes of West Bloomfield

The largest lake in the county, Cass Lake stretches between West Bloomfield and Pine Lake which also has a private country club on its shore. West of Pine Lake lays Orchard Lake which also has a private country club within its shores. The Orchard Lake Village sits by Orchard Lake and other several smaller lakes.

Orchard Lake Road is the main road that runs through the middle of the township and West Maple Road. Along the way, strip malls and shopping complexes and even high-end boutique stores dominate the area. One can easily find some of the most expensive restaurants in the township that worth a gastronomical journey.


During the 1960s, there’s an influx of people coming in West Bloomfield as many residents of Detroit suburbs fell in love with the township. There are many activities to choose from – from shopping to food crawl, and just escape the hustle and bustle of city life and retreat to its many beautiful parks.

Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum

Go back in time and play like the old school. This place is full of coin-operated arcade games even retro fortunetellers. Don’t worry if your money gets stuck somewhere inside the machine as the staffs will be there to help you with any problems. It’s a sure way to entertain the kids and adults will surely love the déjà vu feelings once they stepped in. They added a great snack bar so the patrons will have lots of energy to burn on their arcade games. Some of the games date back to the 1900s with tons of additional modern games.

Marshbank Park

Take a moment and stroll the realm of Marshbank Park. It’s a really nice place to play volleyball with the kids and enjoy the wonderful scenery. They have a large picnic area with plenty of shades to enjoy in a lazy afternoon with the family. Teach your kids the value of patience in their great fishing piers or chase the sunset in a kayak as they have kayak launches too. The park is also pet-friendly with miles of hiking trails that dogs will surely love. On certain occasions, they held concerts at the park that locals have been looking forward to as they were entertaining and fun.

Holocaust Memorial Center

For history buffs out there, don’t miss the Holocaust Memorial Center. It’s a solemn museum featuring global stories of the Nazi regime and other WWII-era boxcars. The exhibits are one of the most incredible realizations of the dark history of every world war. Younger generations will learn a lot in this museum and would appreciate more what they have now. A lot some time for guided tours then head back to your own to contemplate the impact of the holocaust on humanity. The museum is a deep reminder not to forget the dark past but also to continue to seek the right path towards a brighter and peaceful future.

West Bloomfield Trail

A nice Nature Reserve that great for family outings. Enjoy the day with the beautiful scenery while hiking its many trails, jogging, or riding a bike. It’s another good way to get in shape and to see nature at its finest. The park is another quiet retreat from all the city’s noise and you can even travel from West Bloomfield to Orchard Lake Village. For almost 160 acres it has an amazing wild flora and fauna. Challenge yourself to get busy and hike some of its quiet yet slightly elevated trails.

Experience Cooking

Some activities are best to experience or taste for that matter. Get away from the usual touristy side of town and attend a special class at Experience Cooking. It’s a take-your-meal-home kind of cooking class where you can surely enjoy some wonderful experience of first-class culinary arts. Most visitors rave about the hands-on nature of the class and sharing some really good cooking techniques. Imagine Martha Stewart teaches you how to cook. Try to come by one of their Parent/Child Class, and let the kids appreciate the art of cooking and make them eat their veggie for once. Its nothing more enjoyable than seeing those little eyes lit up when they finished cooking their dishes – it’s priceless.

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