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Being a mom is a rewarding, but stressful job. Moms are always on the search for ways to reduce some of the stress that they experience on a daily basis. One easy way to reduce stress is to find a reliable vehicle to take the stress out of traveling with kids. Today we’ll share some of the best vehicles for moms to drive with kids in Michigan. In order to find the right car, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. The Weather

The first thing you should think about when searching for a vehicle for family travel is the weather. Since you’ll be driving in Michigan, it is important to look for a vehicle with a four-wheel or all-wheel drive for the winter months. This can be tough to remember if you are searching for a vehicle in the summer months when the temperatures are nearing ninety degrees!

2. Your Family

You’ll also want to consider how many people you will have in your car at one time. In order to keep everyone comfortable, it is usually best to opt for a van or sedan style. If you have a lot of people in your family, this will ensure that everyone has a seat. If you have a smaller family, a van or sedan style car can give everyone the space they need to spread out and avoid any unnecessary sibling conflict while you are traveling to your destination.

3. Think about Brand

Something else to keep in mind when you are searching for your next family vehicle is your brand loyalty. If you have had really good luck with a certain brand of vehicle, you should start your search there. If you are new to the market or looking for something entirely new, take to the internet to read reviews about cars that will fit the whole family and get you through a Michigan winter. You can also talk to your friends and family about their favorite car brands.

In addition to keeping your car clean, you’ll also want to think about the cost of upgrading tires and purchasing parts for the car you choose in the event that something would break. These are things that you may not be thinking about when you are at the dealership or browsing for cars online but are really important!

4. Think about Upkeep

Traveling with kids can be messy. Whether you are doing the routine school pick up or taking off on a road trip to visit relatives across the state, there is likely to be a mess. It could be as little as spilled crumbs under the car seat or as big as a sippy cup dumping when you have to slam on your breaks at the last moment. If either of these things happens to you, you’ll be grateful that you took the time when you were searching for a vehicle to pick one with an interior that is easy to clean!

5. Some Ideas to Get You Started!

The experts at Livnfresh recommend an SUV such as the Suburban or Yukon XL to get you and your family where you need to go regardless of the season in Michigan. If you are more in the market for a mini-van, you should start your search with the Toyota Sienna since it offers the all-wheel-drive feature.