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Wine is the drink that brings people together. The Centennial State is a fine place to drink wine, but not as many people know that Colorado is just as fine a place to make wine. Colorado is just as fine a winemaking state as California claims to be, but the wines made here don’t get nearly as much exposure. This great state is host to a number of great wineries, and this article will hopefully make it easier to pick out the one you want to visit in your spare time.



No, that is not an address with a smudge in the name, that is the name of our first winery, as well as the elevation of the property. Easily the most notable thing about 5680’ is that it’s at the highest elevation for wine grape growing in the U.S. At higher elevations, the air is thinner and the sunlight brighter, and you can taste a subtle unique flavor in this winery’s wines to match the uniqueness of the grounds. You’ll find 5680’ at 14652 Peony Lane, in Paonia. Make sure to try the dessert wines.


Ladrón Cellars

First, let’s get the address out of the way. 7152 S. Blackhawk St., Unit C-15, in Englewood. As in the Denver metropolitan area. Bet you didn’t expect to see a winery HERE, did you? Turns out this winery gets its grapes from outside the immediate area, from central coastal California and from western Colorado. Make no mistake though, the blend and the care taken in the wine production are all 100% Colorado. And who doesn’t love a winery that sticks close to the people who need it, right?


Stoney Mesa Winery

Stoney Mesa is one of the lucky wineries with a production big enough to get sold in a few store chains, and with wine country lovely as it is anywhere in the country, the luck just keeps getting better. This winery clearly favors its white wines, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself falling in love with its Cab or Blush. You can find Stoney Mesa Winery at 16199 Happy Hollow Road, in beautiful Cedaredge.

And for those of you who love to bundle up at home with a good book and an even better glass of wine, you’ll love this two-tone Colorado homegrown hoodie.