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In anthropology, a tribe is defined as a human social group. Exact definitions always vary, but at its core is the concept of inclusion. What does being part of a tribe mean in today’s terms?

Just like other concepts of social groups such as nations and states, a tribe is another form of affiliation with other like-minded people. It is all about building a culture, both internally and externally. It is for this reason Livnfresh is more than just a company that sells (super cool) t-shirts. Livnfresh is not just a company that makes money by selling state pride apparel, even though we create some of the coolest Michigan-inspired merchandise out there.

Livnfresh believes that every single person has value. We are building a tribe of people seeking to be a part of something larger than ourselves. It is a community that gets inspired by the beauty around them and uses this to inspire others as well.

It’s no secret that we love the State of Michigan. We are inspired by its natural beauty, as well as our fellow tribe members. The owners, the staff, and everyone on the Livnfresh team love where we are from.

And what’s not to love? The Michigan weather, the Great Lakes, the beaches, the seasons, and the food: the Mitten State inspires us at every turn. Whether it’s the natural attractions, the sports teams, the music, or the people, Michigan is a gift that keeps on giving. There are so many awesome things about this state.

Our goal is to make a super fun and comfortable clothes that inspire you and make you feel good about yourself. We get inspired by Michigan, and you can get inspired by these clothes to live your best life. In turn, you can try and inspire the people around you as well. It creates a beautiful cycle that we love to be a part of. 

It’s true that anyone can slap a logo of the state of Michigan and say they are “pro-Michigan”. But Livnfresh is Michigan made. Our love for our state resonates within each and every stitch of clothing. You can feel the passion that we have for the Mitten State in every shirt, hoodie, or hat we sell.

We make clothing for fun people who want to show off what they love. Without you purchasing our apparel, we would just be a bunch of crazy people who have a massive surplus of the coolest Michigan clothing. It would still be a very stylish collection, but it wouldn’t mean much if no one is getting inspired by it.

Thankfully, we receive countless stories from people who are inspired by Livnfresh. People reach out via email and our Facebook profile to tell us how much being part of Livnfresh means to them. We get inspiring stories of perseverance from athletes to single moms who continue to amaze us. It gives us the inspiration we need to keep pushing and keep creating quality products.

A tribe is a group that seeks excellence. This faith and belief in each other is what fuels the tribe’s passion. There is nothing quite like working in collaboration with a group of people that share similar beliefs. We have faith in each other and light each other’s collective fires. This is why every single member of the tribe strives for excellence, no matter what they do every day.

No one has to walk this journey through life alone. It can be tough facing these difficulties all by yourself. Everyone needs a family, a support group—or a tribe.

Tribes are magical. It’s a living, breathing organism. It’s just like how Michigan itself seems to breathe life into the world around it: that is why everyone loves Michigan living and visiting Michigan.

Livnfresh, as its own community, offers what every tribe offers: a chance to feel good and feel included. Here at Livnfresh, we believe that we can get inspired while also inspiring others. That is what it means to be part of a tribe like Livnfresh.

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