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Allen Park is part of Wayne County in Michigan, about 3 miles east of Taylor and 9 miles southwest of Detroit. It’s still part of the Detroit metropolitan statistical area. Named after its early landholder, Lewis Allen, its home to the world-famous Ford Motor Company and largest tire ever made, the Uniroyal Tire. Measuring about 80 feet tall and weighing about 12 tons, it’s hard not to miss ever since its relocation in 1966.

Family Friendly Things To Do in Allen Park

Due to its rich history and diverse background, the town has a good number of museums and historical sites. Travelers can visit Fair Lane, Fox Theater Building, Lincoln Park Historical Museum, and learn more about its origin in the Historic Fort Wayne. These are all great destinations to start for first-timers who would want to spend the weekend over in Allen Park. Other destinations and nearby attractions include Dearborn Historical Museum, Detroit Waterworks, Eastern Market, Sexton and Kilfoil, Drain and Rosedale Park.

Heritage Park

Heritage Park is a large place featuring soccer & baseball fields which also offers multiple activities like walking trails, petting farm, several playgrounds, trails, and lots of sporting fields. The park also has plenty of green space with good walking paths for everyone even for pets. There’s a water park for little kids to enjoy during summer days and a beautiful botanical gardens. For a more relaxing time, you can rent fishing poles from the library and try your luck in the fish pond. Top it off with a nice creamy ice cream from a nearby ice cream shop and your kids will love it.

Automotive Hall of Fame

This 25,000-sq.-ft. museum salutes the long-standing auto industry pioneers and greatest inventions of our time. It features early innovations and evolutions of automobiles. It has an exhibit exclusive for the great minds of some extraordinary people across the globe that helps mold the automotive industry of the future. If your kid is fascinated by cars and a future Motorhead, a tour inside the Automotive Hall of Fame will surely delight them.

Eastern Market

Not too far from Allen Park lies Eastern Market, a historic commercial district in Detroit.  In 1978, the place was listed as the National Register of Historic Places which continued to grow in 2007. It’s the largest historic public market in the country and the largest open-air flowerbed market.  It’s a great place to find the biggest bargains with more than 150 specialty shops and food stalls. People across the state love to go here and about 45,000 people would testify that this is indeed one great destination itself.

Allen Park eastern market

However, when you want to experience the city in its own unique version, try what the locals do. In Allen Park, there are several places where you be as local as possible. Almost every local knows exactly where the best place to go shopping, hang out, and just in the know of the things. Here are some of the unique facts in and around Allen Park that they only know of:

#1 Everyone knows where Liberati’s is, and it’s a food staple in town. Nothing can replace their love for it.

#2 Every student knows where the Jag Jungle is and it is even hailed as the best student section in downriver. Because of its popularity among locals, finding a spot may be difficult. But it’s always worth a try, as you can only ‘know’ their true culture in places like this.

#3 They always go shopping on ‘The Hill’. It’s not just a barren land of soil, The Hill is a strip mall on the outskirts of town line with great selections of branded shops. It’s a place where you need to find something and ended up finding everything.

#4 Nobody messes with their teams. EVER. Folks in Allen Park take their sports seriously, no one messes with their teams; they either hate or love each other, nothing in between. That being said, sports always dominate their weekends. Either professional football teams or Junior League games, they need to know who wins, and a throws in a few ‘constructive’ criticism along the way. If you want to be friends with them, know their games.

Exploring Park will always be a great experience, especially if you can bring home some awesome items from the shops around.