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Alpine Township is part of Kent County located northwest of Grand Rapids. The town is border by Wright townships, Sparta Township, Plainfield Charter Township, and the City of Walker.  Back in 1979, it was declared as a charter township but in 1996 it was de-chartered and was returned to general law status.

This rural community is located about four miles north of downtown Grand Rapids. But don’t let this dampen your spirits from stopping over to enjoy its relaxing greeneries. Residents of Alpine Townships are known to be super friendly and most welcoming hosts to most of their visitors. Its rural charm is what attracts visitors to their place. Its main livelihood revolves around its rich agricultural industry. An estimated 75% of their township is farmland known as “The Ridge”, is a favorite spot for most agritourists.

Although Alpine is mainly a rural community it had adapted very well to commercial and industrial development. Its main center is considered as one of the busiest retail place famous for high-end stores and restaurants. They even have several lodging options that cater for their visitors.

Best Eats in Alpine Township

Amore Trattoria Italiana

This award-winning restaurant will win your hearts. They served homestyle Italian dishes in a lively environment and great views. Amore Trattoria Italiana even hosts lives music which their customers really love. It’s a great way to spend some date night together with a loved one. They offer several wine samples before deciding the perfect match for your dinner. Aside from the presentation, the food is fabulous and delish at the same time.


Looking for something to fill your cravings? You cannot go wrong in a thin-crust pizza that’s hailed as the best pizzeria in Michigan. It’s one comfort food no one gets tired of.  It’s far from the usual pizza, and the only way to find out is to visit the place. They have live music nights but be warned though, it gets really crowded easily. If you want to find good seats be there early. Even if you are not a fan of pizza, it’s still a nice place to visit and get to know some of the locals.

Ed Dunneback and Girl’s Farm Market

This farm market is a great place for the family to visit. They have activities suitable for all ages and great food to fuel if ever you ran out of running around. The place has ample good parking spots and plenty of photo opportunities. Their donuts sell out fast, which they make on site. So if ever you arrived with freshly bakes batches, then go ahead grab a  box or two, it’s one of those ‘cheat days’ you don’t want to miss. You can even pair them with their great tasting cider slushy or caramel apple shakes. Their corn maze is very well kept and clean and definitely worth a drive from Allen Township.

Whether you are staying in Alpine Township for the long run or just dropping by, the modest rural community has a lot to offer than meets the eye. Its friendly folks would make you wish that is what a community should be about.

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