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Over the past centuries, many consider Saugatuck as a hidden gem of art colony on the Kalamazoo River since the late 1800s. This lumber town continues to attract people of its own country laid-back charm and beautiful views of Lake Michigan.

It offers great fun outdoor recreational activities. People can pick any spot along its shorelines and haul in the great catch of fish. One can just have a leisure stroll down to the harbor or see the many art galleries in town. Find other interesting items in its unique offbeat shopping destination. Whatever you do in Saugatuck don’t forget to visit Oval Beach, take a tour of the Kalamazoo River onboard the Saugatuck Chain Ferry. The Ferry is known to traverse famous landmarks in Saugatuck like Mount Baldhead.

Saugatuck is also known for its art and music festivals happening all year round. There are plenty of cozy bed and breakfast places to accommodate tired tourists. Visit Saugatuck and take a peek into a place full of vitality where artistic creativity cultivates in its historic lakeside town.

Fenn Valley Vineyards

One of the most destinations in Saugatuck rests nine miles of the city; Discover Fenn Valley Vineyards and their slogan “The Lake Effect Everyone Loves”, as you tour their vineyards and sip their best tasting wine.

For winemakers, the ‘Lake Effect’ it the moderating effect of Lake Michigan affects which is an important aspect that makes great grapes grows. Lake people all too well about this ‘Lake Effect’ especially during winter snowfall and there’s a narrow region where cold tender grape varieties can be successfully grown.

They treat their visitors with a taste of their famous wines. Families with smaller children can also enjoy their educational tour where they can stroll through around how they make their wines, have picnics on the grounds and enjoy their food along the very scenic vineyards.

Mount Baldhead

Many adventurous spirit and great physique challenge themselves hiking this close to 300 steps stairs to see the great view of the Oval Beach and other surrounding areas. Most tourists brave stairs to challenge themselves in the long walk. But the view at the very top is the best in all of Saugatuck and the most sought after scenery. It’s a historical landmark and very much worth every effort climbing its steep stairs. There are other trails leading on the dunes which lead directly to Lake Michigan. After a long and tiring climb or walk in its trail, reward yourself with nice cold ice cream afterward. Continue down in its sandy trail and see unique dunes formation.

Oval Beach

Oval Beach remains as the most popular beach destination with its perfect lake water of Lake Michigan with the beautiful dunes in its backdrop. Rated among the 25 best shorelines on earth by Conde Nast’s Traveler, Oval Beach has one of the unique scenic combinations. Shadowed by sand dunes, great amenities, and seclusion, Oval Beach has it all which beachgoers love. You can either arrive via hand-pulled chain ferry from the town of Saugatuck or climb the stairs of Mount Baldhead and descends to its grassy coastal sands. Enjoy a full day under the sun and get that perfect tan.

The beach gets really packed especially during the weekends but has ample space on weekdays. You’ll find the beach well groomed and well maintained. There are boardwalks, food stands, and bathrooms. Beachgoers love strategically placed showers to rinse their feet before boarding their cars.

Saugatuck Chain Ferry

Let the kids have a unique experience onboard the hand-crank ferry across the Kalamazoo River near the base of Mount Baldhead. It’s a great way to start the day, as it stops to almost all tourists destination in Saugatuck. On a perfect weather, you can enjoy a very calming ride and feel the cool breeze of Lake Michigan. It’s a great opportunity to get to know more of the local scenery and get the best tips where to shop, dine, and explore more of Saugatuck. They offer a ride for as low as $1 per person and even let kids have their turn to hand crank the ferry. Some tourists board the ferry to go to Mount Baldhead or visit the historical museum. Some of the ferry stops include Saugatuck Museum which takes you on a long walk going to Oval Beach and Mount Baldhead. It’s proved to be as a fun ride for everyone but expects the ferry to be closed during bad weather.

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