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Courses Offered
A Unique Location


Lake Superior State University also referred to as the Lake State, Lake Superior State, Soo Tech or LSSU is a public university located in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. The university is the smallest public university in Michigan with a total of 3,000 students. Its campus radio station is WLSO and the student newspaper is called The Compass.

The place where Lake Superior State stands served as Fort Brady from 1894 to 1944. Sitting on a 115 acre of land that includes several buildings, the university is listed as New Fort Brady according to the National Register of Historic Places.  LSSU is one of three Michigan public universities that operate as a university and community college. They recently opened another center in Dearborn in the southeast part of Michigan. This is in addition to the existing regional centers in the cities of Escanaba, Gaylord and Petoskey.


Lake Superior State University History

Established in 1946, Lake Superior State University aims to educate the returning World War II veterans and the rest of Eastern Upper Peninsula residents. The Michigan College of Mining & Technology or Michigan Technological University helped the early upbringing of Lake Superior University.

In its earlier days, the university was known as Sault Ste. Marie Residence Center of the Michigan College of Mining & Technology or Soo Tech. One of the first courses offered in the campus was mining and technology. It started off with 272 students and later renamed as Lake Superior State College of Michigan Technological University in 1966. Just 4 years later, in 1970, the university already received autonomy from Michigan Tech. The university then changed to its present day name after it was granted a university status in 1987.


Courses Offered

The university offers both bachelors and associate degrees. However, they also have Master of Arts in several curriculums as well as a number of certificates.

LSSU is widely known for its academic endeavors in the fields of engineering, chemistry, education, business, nursing, geology, fisheries and wildlife management. These also include environmental sciences, fire science, and criminal justice.

The university also pioneered in an accredited four-year fire science program and remains as one of three universities in the country to offer such program. LSSU also boasts of one of the best robotics facilities in the country. Their laboratory for robotics courses is valued more than $3 million. Despite its size, LSSU is one of the three universities in the country to offer specialization in robotics with ABET/TAC accreditation. Due to their world-class robotics facilities, they are known for their Bachelor of Science degrees in computer engineering, manufacturing engineering technology, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

LSSU also offers courses in, one of the only two universities in Michigan to offer such accredited curriculum. Alongside with Central Michigan University, both universities offer quality education to fully understand environmental health. Other courses they offered include forensic sciences, creative writing, recreation management, and legal studies.

One of the main goals of LSSU is to bring the community together and inspire people in continuous learning.  In 2010, the university launched its first Creative Writing program that encourages veteran writers as well as aspiring writers to read their work. In doing so, it bridges the twin cities of Saults to build better and stronger artistic communities.


Unique Location

Because of LSSU’s unique location in its proximity to the Canadian border, the university has many Canadian enrollees. Not only it helped flourish the young minds it also builds a close relationship with its international neighbor. As a tribute to its many international students, the campus ground has both the United States and Canadian flags. During athletic events, both national anthems of each country are sung before the game.

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