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Having your honeymoon or your wedding anniversary in one of the premier resorts of Colorado would make it an experience to remember if you are looking for a romantic getaway. Can you imagine skiing or snowboarding with the breathtaking view or riding through one of the many lifts and you can go see the spectacular beauty of nature with your loved one? You can do that and even more when you stay at one of the many amazing ski resorts in Colorado.

If you want to be certain of a memorable and romantic experience, then the following Aspen resorts should be where you spend your time with. One of the most well-known resort groups in the country, these Aspen resorts are some of the country’s most amazing skiing and snowboarding destinations.


Aspen Buttermilk Ski Resort

The Aspen Buttermilk Ski Resort would be a great choice if you want to learn with your significant other the ropes regarding skiing and snowboarding. In this resort, athleticism is more prioritized so younger couples would love this mountain getaway. They have a lot of trails and runs and the view is simply spectacular. If you are also a big fan of snowboarding, then visiting this resort may prove immensely satisfying for you since this is where the Winter X games occur. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush after a wonderful spectacle and then retiring to your rooms with wonderful stories and conversations.


Aspen Mountain Resort

For the people who want a more secluded romantic honeymoon, then the Aspen Mountain resort would be a wonderful choice. However, please do you know that their skiing and snowboarding trails are more geared towards the intermediate and expert skill levels. There are still runs available for the beginners but they are quite few. You will be staying at a place where the mountain view is breathtaking. They are also wonderful black diamond trails. If rest and relaxation is what you are after, then this is a great choice.


Aspen Highlands

Do you love high elevation and cool fresh air? How about wonderful long skiing trails? If you say yes to any of these questions then the Aspen Highlands would be a great choice for you. The Backcountry Bowl here is considered to be the best in the country. The terrain and landscape are just perfect for that romantic vibe. Do you want to experience eating amazing food in a place that is overlooking the great mountain ranges? Then you should try eating at aspen highlands premiere mountaintop restaurant, the aptly named cloud nine alpine bistro. With its select swiss and alpine cuisine, you can be assured that you and your significant other will remember this dinner for quite a long time.


Aspen Snowmass Resort

Lastly, for those who already have small kids with them or just want to have a family-friendly outing, then going to the Aspen Snowmass Resort is the right choice. This is a resort that focuses on activities for little kids or groups. It is also the largest skiing resort in the area. You and your family will also enjoy spectating on the wonderful tricks that snowboarders do in one of the three terrain parks. It has convenient lodgings, beautiful views, and competent and friendly staff. This resort is a place that you will never regret visiting.


Any of those four resorts can get you the romantic getaway that you are looking for. Just make sure your skiing and snowboarding levels are at par with what the resort has to offer. Once that is squared away, you can then enjoy your romantic escapade to your heart’s content.

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