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Aspen is one of the leading ski resorts destination. This is true not only in Colorado but in the whole United States. It boasts four world-class mountain ski resorts located just miles from each other. It is immensely blessed with wonderful breathtaking views as well as abundant snowfall each year. The facilities are also very modern. This is because the local industry and government support the tourism sector. The lifts are very reliable. The runs are also immensely well-planned. If you choose Aspen as your ski and snowboarding destination, you definitely will not have any regrets.

You may have a hard time deciding on what to do in Aspen. This is due to the large number of things and activities available for every tourist. There is no reason to worry because this list was made just for you. Here are a few activities and locations that you should visit when you are in Aspen.

The Resort that Meets Your Needs

The ski resorts are a buy-1-get-4-deal. These 4 Colorado ski resorts have their own specialization. You can spend around 50% of your vacation in the resort that is most fit for your vacation goals. You can then spend the remainder of the vacation visiting the other resorts.

Aspen Buttermilk Ski Resort

Aspen Buttermilk Ski Resort will do you a lot of good if you are leaning more on purely skiing and snowboarding. This is because buttermilk is the host of the winter X-games. They have a great tradition of competitive and casual skiing and snowboarding. They have runs and training facilities for every skill level. They cater to everyone from beginners to experts.

Aspen Mountain Ski Resort

Aspen Mountain will work best for the tourists who are in the intermediate to advanced level when it comes to skiing and snowboarding. They specialize in black-diamond trails. Their accommodation is also great for those who just wants to rest after an exhausting but fulfilling skiing run.

Aspen Highlands

Aspen Highlands would be the top choice for the tourists that are looking for high elevation and views. The king mountain resort has the best backcountry bowl. On the other hand, this resort does not have any terrain parks. This will be perfect for the tourists that loves to ski for long runs.

Aspen Snowmass Ski

Aspen Snowmass is perfect for the family in a vacation. This resort works really well for anyone or any group with varying skiing and snowboarding skill levels. This is the largest skiing resort. That means that the place is very convenient since it will have anything that you need. It has three terrain parks that are wonderful to frolic round.  It also boasts of its snowboarding schools that are considered the top snowboarding facilities in the whole country.

By knowing what the resort specializes in, you ensure a more enjoyable trip.

Wonderful Aspen Dining

Campo di’Fiori

Campo di’Fiori offers amazing Italian cuisine. Their pasta is something that you should experience and their selection of wines pair really well with the food. They transformed into a very lively bar at night.

Ajax Tavern

Ajax Tavern would be a great choice for those who want the more conventional dining. This is located on the foot of the Aspen mountain. They serve European and American cuisine. The menu has burgers, fried truffles, and even oysters. The view is absolutely wonderful so you should try eating here at least once.


Kenichi is best for those who are looking for sushi and other exotic Japanese dishes. The ambience is very hip and modern. The dishes taste like heaven.


You can also go to the more upscale Matsuhisa. The prices can be a bit expensive. However, you may have the chance to meet celebrities like Paris Hilton, Antonio Banderas, and Orlando Bloom.

Sun Deck

Sun Deck is perfect for those who want to eat on top of a mountain. It offers a 360 degree view the Elk mountains and even a part of the Aspen Highlands. They serve food that are extremely fresh considering that they are on top of a mountain.


Bonnie’s will be perfect for those who want a bit of history. The original architecture is still there. The breakfast is also iconic and the locals will really recommend you to try at least one meal here.

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro really deserves the name. Not only will you be near the clouds. You will also definitely feel at cloud 9 with the amazing food that be served. They are also located in the aspen highlands so you can have a wonderful and breathtaking view.

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