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Are you interested to learn about snowboarding? No one can blame you since it is immensely fun and can give you some pretty intense workout. For those who want to really have fun with snowboarding, the mountains of Colorado are definitely the place where you want to be. You should really try to find wonderful terrain park the snowboard on. Colorado has many amazing mountain resorts where you can both ski and snowboard. Finding the right one for you can take quite a bit of research. That is the reason why this article was done to give you an idea which resort would work for you.

Below are the best Colorado ski resorts for those who want to snowboard.


1. Keystone Ski Resort

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This is one of the premier ski resorts of Colorado. The people behind it is the highly experienced people in Vail Resorts. Snowboarders with love this restaurant simply because it and compasses three wonderful mountains and five bowls.

What perhaps make Keystone Resort one of the best snowboarding destinations is their terrain park. For people who snowboard, the A51 terrain park is simply amazing thanks to its abundance of features. This terrain park has 60 acres of progressing fun. This means that you can start slow and steady first and then you can just go crazy at the very last leg. This area is very well made and any snowboarder will appreciate this simply because it has an area for everyone, beginners and experts alike.  The aptly named Easy Street is the start of the snowboarding area where people can start getting comfortable. The difficulty progresses with each area. Once you reach the last area, Main Street, there is a large triple jump line available and you can definitely go as wild as you possibly can, in a safe manner and environment of course.


2. Winter Park Resort

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For those who love variety, you will love the Winter Park Resort.  This is very aptly named since the whole area does look like a park. This means that both skiers and snowboarders would have a wonderful time here. The great thing about Colorado is that resorts allow people to ski and snowboard and the same time unlike most resource found in other parts of the country. This has more than 3000 acres that you can ski and snowboard on. This resort also gets around 370 inches of snow. That gives it a high-quality snowboarding floor.

The great thing about this winter resort for people who want to do some snowboarding is that this mountain haven has quite a lot of terrain parks. They have the beginner friendly starter and bouncer park for those who are just starting out or those who want to improve their snowboarding. There is also the Gangway and the Ash cat parks which is great for the snowboarders who are transitioning from beginners to the intermediate level. You then have the Rerailer Park, which is great to practice your tricks and then the Dark Territory park, with the many eye-catching features. They culminate to the Rail Yard, where the superpipe stands majestic, bringing both awe and anticipation for visitors.


The Keystone Ski Resort is best for those who want to do a lot of relaxing while the Winter Park Resort is better suited for those who want to take their snowboarding skills to the next level.  Whichever of the two you choose, you can be assured that you will have a quality time.

Make sure you stay comfortably warm while out on the snow and wear a LIVNFRESH Home Brew Hooded Sweatshirt.