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A glass of white wine is the perfect thing to enjoy during a relaxing summer afternoon. The Great Lakes State makes some of the best white wine in the world, and we’ve been enamored with the crisp and sweet flavors found in every bottle. This summer, swing by a local winery for a taste of the state’s not-so-secret liquid treasures.

It’s All About Location

What do Napa Valley and the Great Lakes State share in common? They’re both located in the ideal wine-growing zone of 30 to 50 degrees latitude. Climate means everything to a winegrower, and the Michiganer climate is actually one of the best.

Wines can be distinguished by the climate in which the grapes were grown. Warm climate wines tend to be fruitier and juicier. The grapes have more time to ripen, so they’re sweeter – but they’re also less acidic. Napa Valley is one of America’s most famous warm climate wine growing areas.

Why Michigan White Wines Taste So Good

Cold climate wines taste crisp and tangy. These areas usually have a sudden drop in temperature at the end of the growing season. This results in grapes with the perfect level of acidity and a subtle amount of sweetness. Balanced acidity translates into that crisp, light flavor that makes this state’s wine so distinct.

Pop open a bottle of local wine and have a taste. You’ll notice sharp, lemony tones alongside the sweet flavor of just-ripened grapes. Cold, fresh, delicate, and fruity are all terms that aptly apply to any Michigan-grown white wine.

Rich Soil and Great Lakes

Climate isn’t the only thing that this state’s wineries have going for them. The soil in this area is a winegrower’s dream. Every patch of land comes with a unique flavor palette that shapes the nature of the grapes grown there. These wines truly can’t be grown anywhere else; the flavors just wouldn’t be the same.

The nearby access to water is also a huge boon. The Great Lakes State is surrounded by the world’s largest bodies of fresh water. The predictable temperatures and consistent humidity result in grapes that always ripen at the winegrowers intended.

Michiganers live in one of the best winegrowing regions in the United States. The rich soil and calculable climate create a bounty of complex flavors that enrich every delicious bottle. These unique wines carry a distinct citrusy flavor without the dryness or greenness that usually comes with such balanced acidity.

A Quick Guide to Michigan-Exclusive White Wines

Whether you buy a bottle directly from an MI winery or pick it up at your local store, you simply have to try one of the state’s famous white wines. Taste these varieties to really experience that crisp, cool flavor.

Why Michigan White Wines Taste So Good

Riesling – Every MI resident knows that the state is famous for producing variated and complex rieslings. Each bottle carries a unique taste from a specific corner of the orchard.
Chardonnay – This fruity wine tastes even better when grown in the Great Lakes State’s cold climate.
Pinot Blanc – A cold glass of Michigan-grown pinot blanc is the perfect refreshment for a northern summer. These wines are subtle, citrusy, and gentle on the pallette.
Ice Wine – If the grapes freeze early, the wineries press them into a cold climate delicacy. Ice wine is sweet and full of unique flavors.

A bottle of white wine is a great way to show MI pride. If you want to show even more appreciation for the state, check out our selection of awesome Michigan-themed apparel. Wear a shirt, tell a friend, and help spread that MI wine love across the nation.