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Michigan is More than Just Great Lakes

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is getting a lot of national attention these days. We know why. It’s our Upper Peninsula wineries. Genuine wine connoisseurs almost always know where to find the best, most flavorful wines in the U.S. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a wine tasting soiree for wine lovers.

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Wines – Full Bodied, Great Aroma, and Outstanding Flavor
Our Upper Peninsula wineries turn out first class domestic wines the most discerning wine aficionados search for far and wide.

Upper Peninsula Wineries in Michigan

Whether oenophiles prefer white or red wine, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has unique glacial soil that imparts a rich, full body, great aroma, and outstanding flavor.

With more than a half dozen Upper Peninsula wineries to choose from, exploring each means a long, relaxing stay in this very special region of Michigan.

The Wine Trails of the Upper Peninsula

Ardent wine lovers will want to visit the top wineries on the wine trail in the Upper Peninsula. Some of these include:

. Threefold Vine Winery
Located on the Southern Upper Peninsula and a wine tasting room in a historic building that formerly housed a bank, Threefold Vine Winery is usually a “first stop” for wine lovers visiting from states north and west of the Upper Peninsula. Wine samples here are free and visitors always want to take home a bottle or two for their wine collections.

. The Mackinaw Trail Winery
Mackinaw Trail Winery is located on 30 acres where 15 grapes grace the rolling hills. You can enjoy 20 plus wine varieties that feature dry whites, semi-sweet whites, fruit wines, ice wine, dry reds, Forntenac blanc and port. Visitors can also enjoy a tour of the wine production area as well as wine tasting rooms.

. Algomah Acres Honey House Meadery
Algomah Acres is home to a winery, a honey farm, and honey house and also an artist’s studio. Algomah was the first Upper Peninsula meadery in the state. Algomah offers more than just an Upper Peninsula winery visit. The best part of the wines grown here is that they are organically free of pesticides or fertilizers.

. The Garden Bay Winery
Formerly home to a golf course, owners of this Upper Peninsula winery repurposed their acreage to grow berries and grapes to make their wines. Garden Bay Winery grows several types of wines like Riesling and Pinot Grigio.

Garden Bay Winery also has a signature best selling wine, “Yooper Stupor.” This is a “high-alcohol blend” of strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry wine. Clearly, “Yooper Stupor” is the essence of our Michigan charm.

. Northern Sun Winery
Located in Bark on the Upper Peninsula, Northern Sun Winery is as much a treat to the wine lover’s palate as it is to the eye. The owners grow their 4,000 Mediterranean style grapes on vines on five plus acres of rolling farm hills.

Visitors to Northern Sun Winery are enchanted by the Mediterranean cottage that houses a genuine below ground cellar and cottage wine tasting room. Northern Sun Winery has grown in popularity and national acclaim.

Upper Peninsula Wineries in Michigan

. End of the Road Winery
Take a scenic drive to Germfask past pristine streams, curious wildlife and the roaring Tahquamenon Falls in your ears. For optimal scenic beauty, visit Gerfask in autumn with the foliage ablaze in color.

When you arrive at End of the Road Winery, you’ll be greeted by Bristol, the now famous winery dog. End of the Road Winery produces nine fruit wines such as plum, peach and raspberry. However, this winery has three award winning wines including raspberry, one made from maple sap and another from rhubarb. This winery also produces five cold climate grape wines.

. Leigh’s Garden Winery
In Escanaba, art and wine lovers combine for a real treat. The wine bottles are pure artistic delight and the wines contained within are cold climate varietals with equally artistic names like a dry wine made from La Crescent and Prairie Star grapes, Ludington Street Blues, a red wine made of Foch and Marquette and Little Bay de Noc White. If you are artsy and parched, Leigh’s Garden Winery is the place to satisfy both.

The Ultimate Upper Peninsula

Let Upper Peninsula Wineries change all you thought you knew about Michigan. There is lots to see and do and before you know it, you’ll be an Upper Peninsula wine lover.