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When a person goes camping, they usually go camping to relax and to be with nature for a while. Well, when it comes to relaxing at natural campsites, Wisconsin has just about the greatest selection in the whole country. Obviously, depending on the time of year, what you get out of these sites might change, but there’s no missing nature’s beauty when you come to Wisconsin’s campgrounds for a stay.


Harrington Beach State Park

Lake Michigan is one of the most prominent features of Wisconsin’s natural assets, and if you’re looking for a camp that lets you take advantage of that, Harrington Beach State Park might be the right place for you. This park has trees and water, which make it a fine place to watch for the many birds living in Wisconsin, and if you’re more of a active camper, the park covers over 300 acres of land to explore and learn about.

Kohler-Andrae State Park

This park is actually two parks right next to each other, but are managed as a single park for convenience’s sake. On a personal level too, the campsites are smooshed right next to each other, but that’s only important for nightly arrangements. The real draw is the nature, and boy is there a bounty. Beaches, forests, and hiking trails riddle this park complex with places to go and things to do. Just note that while the beachside does allow dogs, they aren’t allowed off their leashes, so be mindful if you do bring Man’s best friend.

Peninsula State Park

Now when this place calls itself “Peninsula” State Park, it isn’t exaggerating. This chunk of nature sits on the peninsula separating Green Bay from Lake Michigan at large, and boy what a chunk of nature it is. It has hiking, golfing, bike trails and campsites, while also happening to be absolutely beautiful and separated from all the buzz of city and town life.

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