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Sometimes all your night calls for nothing but a cheap drink, some good conversation, and maybe a game of pool. In Wisconsin, you’ll find plenty of dive bars to satisfy your fun and affordable needs. The best dive bars are the ones that the locals love. They’re filled with characters and their decor doesn’t try too hard to impress. Skip the bougie mixologist who will bore you talking about how he infused vodka with a cucumber sprout. Check out these fun dive bars in Wisconsin instead.

Dive Bars in Wisconsin

The Meet Market

Menomonie, WI

What’s more dive-y than a bar that sells you beef jerky with your beer? This is the kind of bar that customers learn their bartenders’ names. With great happy hour deals and plenty of good beers and ciders on draft, it’s a great place to spend the evening without spending too much money out of your wallet. There’s pool tables and darts if you’ve got some competition in you as well. Cash only!

Del’s Bar

La Crosse, WI

Known for their bomb Bloody Mary’s, this dive bar is a little gem. Located right downtown, it’s a central spot for all to gather. Better for smaller groups due to it’s smaller size, the place is always hopping. The place is decorated with tons of interesting and weird memorabilia that will keep your eyes wondering. With a tagline like “Forever Young, Dysfunctional Family Bar”, you know it’s going to be a good time at Del’s.

Shaker’s Cigar Bar

Milwaukee, WI

A little fancier for a dive bar, Shaker’s is still one of the quirkiest bars in Wisconsin. Once a brothel, the place boasts about its historically sinful past. You’ll be able to drink wine, eat delicious food, AND smoke a cigar. The cigar smoke in the bar is what makes it feel really magical and stingy. If you feel like getting really weird, sign up for one of their ghost tours and get spooked while you drink.

Paradise Lounge

Madison, WI

This is the kind of joint you’ll definitely see some people passed out at the bar by the end of the night. It’s been a local favorite for some time now and is the quintessential dive bar. The late night food menu has everything you could ever want during the late hours. Burgers, chicken strips, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, and cheese balls. CHEESE BALLS. Need more be said?

Moccasin Bar

Hayward, WI

Do you require taxidermy animals to be on display in your dive bar? Then look no further than Moccasin Bar. It’s pretty much a museum of taxidermy animals. Have you ever wondered what it would look like if raccoons were playing poker? You can finally make your dream come true at Moccasin. Serving up great, cheap cocktails, the place is an interesting little watering hole that attracts roadside tourists every week. Shoot some pool while you drink.

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