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Wisconsin features one of the most diverse outdoor terrains in all of America. What better way to explore this rugged landscape than an off-roading adventure? Whether it’s a snowy winter morning or a sweltering summer day, The Badger State has plenty of year-round trails to discover.

Excited to discover some scenic natural trails? Read on to learn about four of the best off-roading trails Wisconsin has to offer!

Off-Roading Trails in Wisconsin


Open: All Year

Admission Fee: Free

Vehicle Types Permitted: ATVs, snowmobiles, horses, bicycles

Situated within Wisconsin’s Driftless Area (Iowa, Lafayette, and Green Counties), this lengthy trail clocks in at 47 miles long. Also known as the Cheese Country Trail System, the terrain in this area features gentle hills and rocky enclaves. Be prepared to cross nearly 60 small bridges and overpasses, including a 440-foot bridge. This trail’s popularity doesn’t diminish in the Spring and Summer as people also love to ride bikes and horses across it. Parking is available at either end point. Check out the nearby town of Gratiot for dining options and shopping opportunities.


Open: May 1 — November 15

Admission Fee: Free

Vehicle Types Permitted: ATVs

With more than 19 miles of rugged terrain, Wisconsin’s Chippewa County offers an excellent ride for ATVs of all kinds. A number of glacier-carved valleys and hills provide an exciting off-roading experience. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for other riders, as this is a busy two-way trail.


Open: May 15 — October 15 & December 14 — March 15

Admission Fee: Free

Vehicle Types Permitted: ATVs, motorcycles

Explore Wisonsin’s Black River State Forest and Jackson County with this versatile network of trails. This central Wisconsin trail is unique in that it allows motorcycles on select trails so long as they have a license and Jackson County sticker. Parking can be found off of Highway 12, West Clay School Road, Airport Road and the East Arbutus Campground.


Open: May — March (closed in April)

Admission Fee: Free

Vehicle Types Permitted: All off-road vehicles are welcome

ATV trails abound in Florence County near Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This 150-mile network of trails has something for everyone from the novice to the seasoned veteran. The trails are popular with snowmobile enthusiasts during the winter. Blue Ox Trail Riders, an off-roading club in Florence County, keep the trails in great condition. Parking can be found at the Nicolet Trail Trailhead in Tipler.

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