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In Wisconsin, there many places where you can listen to country music while enjoying delicious southwestern dishes. Upon stepping into a country western bar, the first thing that you’ll notice is the décor. When compared to other bars, western-themed spots are more unique because they have many elements that reflect things that were popular during the wild west era. If you want to try food and drinks in a wild west and country setting, you should consider visiting one of these popular bars in the state.

Best Country Western Bars in Wisconsin

Cowboy Bar

The Cowboy Bar is a great place to order traditional bar food in a homey environment. This particular bar is built in a building that looks like a house; however, the interior design around the bar has a western theme.

On the menu, there are a variety of appetizers that have reasonable prices. If you crave fried food, you can buy a few onion rings, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, or fries. The bar also has healthy options that are lightly fried in a crisp batter. These appetizers include breaded cauliflower, fried mushrooms, and broccoli poppers.

Cowboy Bar also serves pizzas that contain thick layers of cheese. Guests can order cheesy 9-inch or 12-inch pizzas.

Kirchayn County Club

Kirchayn Country Club is a very unique country-western bars in Wisconsin. The bar is ran out of a building that was constructed in 1877. However, the Kirchayn Country Club brand was established decades later in 2014.

This western business specializes in various drinks and many bar dishes. Kirchayn Country Club and Cowboy Club serve similar appetizers, but the pizza options are different. Besides the food and beverages, locals visit this bar in order to enjoy the activities that take place during the summer. If you enjoy playing corn hole, volleyball, and horseshoes, you’ll benefit from spending time at Kitchayn Country Club during your vacation in Wisconsin.

Country Corners

Country Corners is a popular destination where locals can buy a variety of drinks during happy hour. Throughout the happy hour, guests can also order food off of the happy hour food menu.

At this particular bar, everyone can play different bar games. If you like competition, you may want to consider visiting this western spot while staying in McFarland, Wisconsin.

All of these bars and many other western-themed spots are within walking distance, so you can easily stroll to various locations after spending a day in Wisconsin. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere, games, and food in one of these bars like the locals, consider wearing a cowboy hat and a silver or gold belt during your visit.

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